Azure Networking service is a key component of Microsoft’s Azure Infrastructure Services that allows you to design, deploy, and manage virtual networks. This service gives you complete control over your network architecture, providing your applications the security and flexibility they require.


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  • Virtual Network: Provision private networks and allocate resources where they are most needed.

  • Load Balancer: Provides high availability and network performance to your applications.

  • VPN Gateway: Establishes secure, cross-premises connectivity.

  • Application Gateway: Optimizes application server farm delivery while increasing application security.

  • Content Delivery Network: Ensures high-bandwidth content delivery with minimal latency.

  • Traffic Manager: Distributes network traffic to various services across global Azure regions.

Networking Features

Azure Networking Services allows you to design robust network infrastructure tailored to your business needs. Part of the Azure Infrastructure Services, Azure Networking enables you to create secure, isolated networks and control traffic flow as per custom parameters. It bridges the gap between on-premise networks and those in the Azure cloud ensuring seamless connectivity. Key features include the Load Balancer and Traffic Manager, which guarantee uninterrupted application performance and zero downtime. The Azure DNS and Content Delivery Network ensure superior reliability and low latency, providing your business a truly global reach. A notable component is the VPN Gateway, which facilitates secure cross-premise communication. Thus, Azure Networking not only enhances your network performance but also promotes scalability and resilience.

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