There is so much to learn within the cybersecurity world. One of the many aspects that is not discussed too often is threat intelligence feeds. In short, a threat feed is a list of computer addresses that provide companies information about sources or individuals that have been known to attack. The problem is, unless you are a cybersecurity company that knows real threats when they see them, these threat feeds are known to mislead companies.

When a company chooses to utilize a threat intelligence feed, they may opt to try a free type or ones that simply aren’t super reliable. These feeds are usually out of date and give companies incomplete and erroneous addresses. With information like this, companies waste a lot of time dealing with false positives and miss a lot of serious threats.

Threat intelligence detection is just like any real detective work; using out-of-date or free threat intelligence feeds is like working on a cold case instead of going to the actual crime scene with a lot of evidence at your fingertips. Without the proper resources, it is going to be hard to make any progress, even if you have a Sherlock Holmes-esque individual on your team.

Trustworthy cybersecurity companies want to ensure that the information their clients are seeing is up-to-date and affordable. This is why we created our SWAT feed. Instead of having restrictions or pulling information from old data, our threat feed list is refreshed every hour. With a live look, we don’t get tripped up by the false positives that come from old data, rather, we throw out stale data after a few days and stay focused on what is current. In addition, with a live look, we are able to make quick responses and notify clients of unwanted activity.

How does this work? We’ve set up honeypots at various public data centers around the globe. If you don’t know what’s so significant about honeypots, they are systems that are designed to trap/capture malicious sources within regular online traffic. When an attacker falls for these traps, cybersecurity companies that use honeypots can recognize it.

A company that uses our SWAT feed will be able to see all the activity within one list even with the program being activated across multiple devices. Our SWAT feed does not always need to be deployed on a new device but can sometimes be activated on your current network setup. However, if you are simply looking for a cybersecurity company’s overall security solutions, it also comes packaged with our SIEMaaS solution.

If you have any other questions about our SWAT feed or other SIEM solutions, contact us today.

Published On: March 6th, 2024