When looking to protect your company from the ever-growing threats that exist online, it’s important to invest in a secure and reliable cybersecurity company. However, if you’re looking to give cybersecurity a go on your own or you simply don’t have enough wiggle room in your budget for cybersecurity companies, you should at least make sure that you hire a reliable IT (Information Technology) team with a capable system administrator. System administrators, which operate in cybersecurity companies, are responsible for updating computer software and providing exceptional technical support when a business needs it. In turn, they are solidifying a company’s network to keep out malicious online threats.

As you can see, a system administrator is crucial in keeping your businesses online and personal data secure, so how do you make sure that you hire the right person for the job? We have compiled a short, yet effective guide to help you find the best system administrator for your company. Here are some tips.

Find Someone with Technical Knowledge

A good system administrator knows computer hardware and software like the back of their hand. From computer equipment to complex programs, knowledgeable system admins have strong technical skills in order to reduce business downtimes in the event of a cybersecurity threat. These admins usually have years of professional experience under their belt, as well as various certifications and college degrees.

When hiring a system administrator, make sure to ask about their technical knowledge and experience.

Make Sure Your Candidate is Flexible

Cybersecurity companies must always be prepared to switch gears in the event of a potential software or hardware crisis. A reliable system administrator needs to be flexible in the sense that they can quickly prioritize their tasks to ensure that any threats are taken care of before they get out of hand and damage any of your company’s data.

Find Someone Who is Patient

A system administrator acts as an IT team leader; they are expected to lead and train their teams in how to perform new tasks and inform them on any new changes or upgrades to a company’s network and systems. Often times, employees might ask the system admin questions about functions, software, or hardware that they may not be familiar with, and a good system administrator needs to have the patience to walk that employee through the task either in-person or virtually.

A reliable system administrator is the backbone of any successful IT team, but cybersecurity companies are the most effective way to ensure your company’s online safety. If you’re in need of online protection against today’s most prominent online threats, contact us today. 

Published On: March 6th, 2024