Virtual PBX

The PBX mobile app allows you to use your laptop or smartphone from anywhere in the world to make and receive calls – no more need for a desk phone!


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  • Affordable price with eliminating inter-office call charges.

  • Easy to run PBX – whatever makes the most sense for the customer.

  • Easily Add & Manage Extensions in minutes with PBX Updates and Upgrades can be deployed automatically.

  • Advanced customer service options with Call Queues, and IVR where you never miss a call.

  • Works on all systems such as Android, iOS apps, and web and Windows communication.

  • Thousand businesses using PBX globally the numbers talk for themselves.

Virtual PBX Features

With PBX Phone Systems, you can stay connected, no matter where your team is located. VoIP technology allows for voice and video calling over the internet—providing more cost-effective communication than traditional phone lines, whilst maintaining flexibility with any device that has an internet connection. Put simply, these systems offer a smart solution to staying in touch and collaborating easily across distances.

The PBX telephone system is ideal for businesses seeking a cost-effective and reliable communication solution. It comes packed with great features, including PBX (Private Branch Exchange), VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), Auto Attendant, Call Routing, and IVR (Interactive Voice Response).

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