Understanding how to run cybersecurity solutions for a full network of devices is not something just any MSP (Managed Service Provider) or IT (Information Technology) guy can do; usually, a full SOC (Security Operations Center) team is needed to run everything efficiently. However, what if your potential client doesn’t have a SOC? Will they be able to rely on you for all their needs? It is unlikely, but that’s why we offer SOC management as a service.

By turning to a reliable cybersecurity company to run your client’s SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) solution, you have a SOC team on your side and go from an MSP to an MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider) in appearance. With our SOC services, we do all the behind-the-scenes work to ensure your client’s network is running smoothly. With this service, you look like an MSSP, but we feed you all the information.

This is a much better option for your clients because of the cost efficiency. A recent study showed how much a company spends in a year on an internal SOC team and found that they reach as high as $3 million. With cybersecurity constantly evolving, SOC team members need constant training to know what threats they face. And with constant threats, the demand for these cybersecurity experts and the cost associated with them is only rising.  

Rather than having to deal with those problems, wouldn’t it be better to just let a cybersecurity company manage your clients’ networks? As your SOC, we constantly monitor activity and provide you will real-time notifications, comprehensive reviews, and global correlation. In other words, we will be overseeing the activity of your clients 24/7 and giving you all the information you need.

If you are considering the different SIEM solutions on the market for your clients, give us a call. We will give your clients the most accurate reads and save you a world of headaches! 

Published On: March 5th, 2024