A strong cybersecurity team is one of the most important aspects of any business, whether it be big or small. Cybersecurity companies are becoming a necessity when it comes to ensuring protection against the latest digital threats. In fact, cybersecurity teams employed and created by these companies are the most cost-effective and innovative ways to fight threats. 
When we take a step back and look at one of the most important roles in one of these cyber security teams, there is no doubt that the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) is the person to look to when you’re in need of top network security. Here are some of the reasons that your company should look into employing a CISO to help man your cybersecurity needs. 
CISO Responsibilities: Why Hire a CISO 
A CISO fulfills various roles and oftentimes works with day-to-day responsibilities. CISO pioneer Stephen Katz, who worked with Citigroup in the 90s, has outlined these responsibilities in the past— here are just a few: 
Security Operations: This pertains to the real-time analysis of any immediate threats to an organization or the organization’s network and systems, as well as triage when and if something goes wrong. 
Data Loss and Fraud Prevention: It’s important and recommended by cybersecurity companies that access to personal and important company and client information can only be accessed by the higher-ups of that company. Data loss and fraud prevention is making sure that internal staff doesn’t steal or misuse any data which is being held by the company. 
Identity and Access Management: Only authorized personnel should have access to restricted data and systems; this relates back to data loss and prevention. 
Cyber Intelligence: A CISO is also responsible for helping the company understand potential security problems that might arise during any changes or updates that the company might be going through. 
A dedicated CISO will have a broad understanding about cybersecurity threats, protective approaches, tools, techniques, and solutions to protect your company against the latest threats. They also know how to analyze and mitigate risks. Cybersecurity companies know the importance of these cybersecurity professionals, so your business should definitely take a look at how one can benefit you. If you have any questions about anything relating to cybersecurity, or you’re looking to start protecting yourself online, contact us. 

Published On: February 6th, 2024